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I am intrigue to learn about intricacies of designing a game that is fun in the eyes of the player.

About Me

I have loved playing games ever since I touched our family's computer. Even now, I still play games as it became my own passion, as well as my own escapism. Therefore, I  want to share that same feeling I had in playing games to everyone else through the same medium that touched and shaped my life.

Taking Game Development Course

I want to pursue this career path because I want to learn how games are able to combine different works of art into one complete package that can touch anyone's heartstrings and completely change one's perspective on life. After all, a game can express fiction to the eyes of the beholder through interactions.

Unity and C#

My journey on game development started with Unity and C# language. As I gain more experience in game development, Unity is there to accompany me in my journey.

UI/UX Design and Figma

As I explore more about this career, I learned how to create simple game designs. After I graduate, I've been allured on UI/UX design and how it impact the player's experience when playing games. 

Hence, I recently took online lessons under UI/UX designs, such as wireframing, information architecture and prototyping, on Tesda Online and YouTube. Learning and using Figma to practice what I learn on this field ever since.